Between Narratives Part 1 was filmed in Denver, Colorado, during the EthDenver and Schelling Point conferences and is focused on Web3 x Public Goods. 



    In a world brimming with narratives, we specialize in creating docu-style stories that resonate deeply with audiences. Our unique approach transcends the conventional, focusing on the human essence and the depth of insight. 

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    Why Docu-Style?

    Depth of Insight

    By delving into meaningful interviews with thought leaders and influencers, we aim to go beyond the surface-level excitement. Docu-style storytelling allows us to uncover the more profound insights, perspectives, and motivations driving the conversations at the conference.

    Human Connection

    In an era inundated with information, human connection becomes paramount. Our documentary will humanize technology, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the personalities shaping the discourse and revealing the human stories behind the groundbreaking ideas presented.


    Nuanced Exploration

    Unlike traditional event recaps that focus on high-energy moments, a docu-style approach enables a more nuanced exploration of the conference's themes. We want to bring out the subtleties, contradictions, and possibilities that make this moment in time so significant. 

    Long-lasting Impact

    While event hype is ephemeral, a well-crafted documentary has the potential for a lasting impact. By creating a narrative that stands the test of time, offering a piece that continues to resonate long after the event concludes.

  • Why Work with Us?

    Our narrative craft is honed through a rich tapestry of experiences, from orchestrating TEDx events and startup summits to collaborating with the World Economic Forum and working on Hollywood productions. Our collaborations span a diverse network of thought leaders, financiers, innovators, and philanthropic visionaries. We possess a deep comprehension of human stories, the dynamics of conferences, and the transformative impact of storytelling.

  • Who We Work With

    Events, Conferences, and Summits

    In the vast landscape of event coverage, we believe the docu-style approach has a unique power beyond traditional recap videos. While event recaps often serve as dynamic hype pieces, a docu-style narrative offers a more profound exploration of the zeitgeist, enabling us to capture the essence of this critical moment in time and the role your conference has in shaping it.


    Non-Profit Narratives:

    Our storytelling becomes a powerful tool for non-profits, turning raw emotion and dedication into narratives that resonate with supporters and communities. This emotional connection is vital in attracting attention, support, and involvement.

    Educational Insights:

    For educational institutions, our narratives celebrate achievements and bring to life the vibrant community and academic endeavors. This approach helps in attracting prospective students, engage alumni, and demonstrate the institution's impact.

    Brand Chronicles:

    In the corp. world, our docu-style storytelling goes beyond traditional marketing, creating a narrative that humanizes your brand and connects deeply with your audience. This is crucial for building trust, loyalty, and a strong brand identity. Brand stories connect to brand mission.

    Art and Culture:

    Our storytelling for art and cultural institutions adds depth and context to exhibitions and events, engaging a broader audience and deepening appreciation for the arts.

    Health and Wellbeing:

    We bring forward the personal, human side of healthcare, telling stories of hope, resilience, and breakthroughs. These narratives not only raise awareness but also inspire and provide comfort to those affected by similar challenges.

    Entrepreneurial Journeys

    Startups and entrepreneurs have unique stories of challenges and triumphs. We help articulate these journeys, creating a narrative that resonates with investors, customers, and the community.

  • Shaping Perception and Inviting Understanding

    In the realm of documentary filmmaking, embracing inclusive design and representation is not merely a choice but a fundamental commitment to authenticity, empathy, and the richness of diverse perspectives. Our approach recognizes the transformative power of storytelling and its capacity to shape narratives that resonate universally.


    Our commitment to inclusive design and representation goes beyond a checkbox—it is an integral part of our storytelling DNA. By embracing diversity in all its forms, we strive to create a docu-short that not only informs but inspires, connecting with the hearts and minds of a wide and varied audience. 


    We break down complex technological concepts into accessible and relatable language, avoiding jargon and technicalities to focus on real-world implications and benefits.


    Utilizing analogies and metaphors, we aim to draw parallels between emerging technologies and familiar concepts, bridging the gap between the unknown and the known.


    Humanizing technology by sharing stories that highlight the human impact of emerging technologies. These narratives will showcase real-life scenarios where innovations have positively impacted people's lives.


    Incorporating personal narratives to connect with the audience on a personal level, making the technology more tangible through individual stories and experiences.


    Incorporating personal narratives to connect with the audience on a personal level, making the technology more tangible through individual stories and experiences.


    Ensuring the docu-style short features a diverse array of perspectives. Viewers will find someone like themselves represented, fostering a sense of relatability and inclusivity.

  • Narratives for All of Us

    Following the principles of Inclusion by Design

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    Cultural Sensitivity:

    Why it Matters: Sensitivity to cultural nuances and diversity is essential for resonating with a global audience. It fosters understanding, respect, and a shared sense of humanity.

    Our Approach: Through extensive research and collaborative discussions, we carefully navigate the delicate terrain of cultural representation. Our production team is attuned to the importance of cultural sensitivity and strives to tell stories that transcend cultural boundaries.

    Breaking Stereotypes:

    Why it Matters: Inclusive design challenges and dismantles stereotypes, fostering a more nuanced and accurate portrayal of individuals and communities.

    Our Approach: We actively seek narratives that defy stereotypes, showcasing the depth and individuality of each story. Doing so contributes to a more enlightened and informed societal perspective.

    Accessibility and Inclusivity in Storytelling:

    Why it Matters: Everyone deserves to feel seen and heard. Embracing accessibility ensures that the docu-short is a platform for diverse voices, making the narrative accessible to a broad audience.

    Our Approach: We employ visual aids, subtitles, and diverse storytelling techniques to enhance accessibility. By prioritizing inclusivity in storytelling, we create an immersive experience that resonates with viewers from all walks of life. 

    Impactful Social Representation:

    Why it Matters: Beyond the confines of the film, impactful social representation can influence societal perceptions, encourage empathy, and foster positive change.

    Our Approach: By featuring a range of perspectives and experiences, our docu-short becomes a catalyst for broader conversations and a celebration of the unique contributions of each individual.

  • Between Narratives

    We are living in an era that can best be described as an interlude between narratives. This transitional period marks the end of one epoch and the birth of another, when old paradigms are being questioned, and new ones have yet to crystallize fully. For humanity and the planet, this signifies a profound moment of transformation and opportunity. As traditional narratives on societal structures, economic models, and our relationship with the environment undergo scrutiny and evolution, we are collectively faced with redefining our future.


    The emergence of a new collective narrative is not a singular event but a process, one that is fueled by the diverse voices and experiences of people worldwide. Through this mosaic of perspectives, a more holistic and inclusive story will take shape, one that not only acknowledges the challenges we face but also harnesses our collective creativity and resilience to forge a sustainable and equitable path forward. This period is not just about change but about reimagining and actively shaping the legacy we wish to leave for future generations.

  • Film Reflection Guide:

    Understanding Your Role as a Creator in the Meta Narrative


    1. Reflect on the Power of Connection:

    • How do you perceive the role of human connection in the digital age?
    • In what ways can you contribute to building bridges between people through your work or personal interactions?

    2. Evaluate the Impact of Technology and Web 3:

    • What are your thoughts on the potential of Web 3 and blockchain technology in addressing global issues?
    • How can these technologies be leveraged to create more inclusive and equitable societies?

    3. Consider the Role of Narratives:

    • Reflect on the narratives that dominate your understanding of the world. How do these narratives influence your actions and beliefs?
    • Think about how you can contribute to creating more positive and empowering narratives in your community or industry.

    4. Assess the Significance of Health and Well-being:

    • How does your work or lifestyle contribute to the well-being of yourself and others?
    • What steps can you take to promote holistic health, including mental, emotional, and community health?

    5. Ponder the Role of Economic Systems:

    • How do current economic systems impact society and the environment?
    • In what ways can new economic models, like those proposed in the film, create more sustainable and equitable outcomes?

    6. Explore the Concept of Regeneration:

    • How do you understand the concept of regeneration in the context of finance, community, and the environment?
    • What actions can you take to support regenerative practices in your sphere of influence?

    7. Understand the Importance of Diverse Perspectives:

    • Reflect on the importance of including diverse voices and perspectives in creating a more equitable future.
    • How can you ensure that your actions and decisions are inclusive of different viewpoints and experiences?

    8. Envision Your Role in Creating Change:

    • What is your vision for the future, and how does it align with the themes presented in the film?
    • How can you use your skills, knowledge, and passion to contribute to this vision?